Shania Twain To Release Several Expanded ‘Come On Over’ 25th Anniversary Albums

 Shania Twain To Release Several Expanded ‘Come On Over’ 25th Anniversary Albums

Anniversary Editions To Be Released

SHANIA TWAIN will release multiple expanded U.S. and international “Diamond Edition” versions of her third studio album, 1997’s “COME ON OVER,” on AUGUST 25th via MERCURY/UME in honor of its 25th anniversary. TWAIN made the announcement at her sold-out show at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN last night (7/11), after being presented with a plaque from “TODAY”‘s HODA KOTB.”COME ON OVER” was certified as being both the top-selling Country album and the highest-selling album by a female artist of all time. In celebration of its anniversary, both the U.S. and International versions of “COME ON OVER” have been remastered from the original tapes for the first time.The album will be re-released in the following formats: three CD Super Deluxe, three LP Super Deluxe, three LP International Super Deluxe, two LP Deluxe, two CD Deluxe, and Digital. Two LP Deluxe retail exclusives will also be available in the U.S. The three CD Super Deluxe and three LP Super Deluxe U.S. and three LP Super Deluxe international editions will include a bonus disc with nine additional tracks, featuring live duets with CHRIS MARTIN, ELTON JOHN, ALISON KRAUSS and the BACKSTREET BOYS, plus other live tracks and remixes. The three CD Super Deluxe edition is also packaged in a commemorative hardback book with notes from TWAIN.TWAIN said, “With ‘COME ON OVER,’ it was important for me to give what I thought was the best record of my life, and that is why there’s so many songs on it. I thought, ‘Let’s just load this up in case there’s not another chance. Let’s not hold anything back.’ There was no point in saving songs for another album or even giving songs to other artists, because I thought this might be my only chance to really make an impact as a follow-up to the prior album, which was already certified Diamond. I would say that ‘COME ON OVER’ was so high-pressure for me, because I knew I had more in me than one Diamond album.”She added, “This album is me trying to deliver that, and bring as many different people together as possible… Imagine how incredible it feels to still have a sense of bringing people together 25 years later. I’m at a great place in my life.”TWAIN is currently on her global QUEEN OF ME tour that runs through NOVEMBER.

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