Sigma Delta Chi Award Winners Announced

 Sigma Delta Chi Award Winners Announced


The SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS announced the winners of the 2022 SIGMA DELTA CHI AWARDS for excellence in journalism this weekend. Work that was published or broadcast in 2022 was eligible for the awards.Audio winners:Radio Breaking News Reporting (All Markets or Network Syndication): CAROLYN BEELER, “THE WORLD” (PRX), “SRI LANKA at the breaking point”Radio Investigative Reporting (All Markets or Network Syndication): JOSEPH SHAPIRO, CHRISTIE THOMPSON, THE MARSHALL PROJECT/NPR, “How the newest federal prison became one of the deadliest”Radio Feature Reporting (Market 1-100 or Network Syndication): TOVIA SMITH, CATHERINE LAIDLAW, WALTER RAY WATSON, ELIZABETH BAKER, NPR, “Grief and grit: Ten years after SANDY HOOK, one woman continues to wrestle with her double loss”Public Service in Radio Journalism (All Market or Network Syndication): Staff, NORTH COUNTY PUBLIC RADIO, “A place to call home”Podcast, Narrative/Radio Documentary: VERIFIED FROM SCRIPPS NEWS, REVEAL FROM THE CENTER FOR INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING , SCRIPPS NEWS, “Inside the global fight for white power”Radio Feature Reporting (Market 101+): LUCY GRINDON, DAVID SOMMERSTEIN, NORTH COUNTRY PUBLIC RADIO, “Dairy worker housing goes uninspected. The result is horrific conditions on some farms”Podcast, Conversational: TATIANA SERAFIN, NICK GVOSDEV, CARNEGIE COUNCIL “DOORSTEP: Can PUTIN be prosecuted for war crimes?”Radio Sports Reporting: AIMEE MOON, BOSTON UNIVERSITY News-Talk WBUR/BOSTON, “CHINATOWN’s 9-man tournament takes its LABOR DAY showdown to PROVIDENCE”Travel Journalism: ROUCH TRANSLATION Staff, NPR, “Stuck@work: When your country’s brand is escape, but you can’t”Regional Political Reporting: ZACH HIRSCH, DAVID SOMMERSTEIN, NORTH COUNTRY PUBLIC RADIO, “ELISE STEFANIK”

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