Sports Stations Do Great With Mobile Apps – A Techsurvey 2023 Data Nugget

 Sports Stations Do Great With Mobile Apps – A Techsurvey 2023 Data Nugget

Fred Knows What You Need To Know!

JACOBS MEDIA’s TECHSURVEY 2023 will have its debut at the upcoming ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 at 1p (ET)/10a (PT), WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, sponsored by MUSICIANS ON CALL.  It consists of more than 30,000 respondents, representing more than 430 radio stations across NORTH AMERICA.The surveys were completed this past JANUARY and FEBRUARY.  THE JACOBS MEDIA team has been busily compiling the data and searching for new insights.This year’s study is titled “Radio In The Post-Pandemic Era’” Last year, TECHSURVEY 2022 revealed how radio was returning to “normal” after COVID.  The new TECHSURVEY 2023 will provide perspective on how radio came through another challenging year, and what broadcasters can expect from the year ahead.    Here’s a sneak peek at one of the key data points about radio, music, and consumers from the study: Mobile apps have become popular ways for fans to access their favorite station’s content, led by Sports Radio P1s.JACOBS MEDIA President FRED JACOBS, who will present this year’s TECHSURVEY at the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT, commented, “Nearly four in ten smartphone/tablet owners say their favorite stations has an app and they’ve downloaded it.  Sports Radio fans are well out in front of this mobile competition.”     JACOBS MEDIA will exclusively present the study’s highlights at next week’s ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023.TECHSURVEY 2023 focuses on new media, gadgetry, and changing platforms, with a special emphasis this year on how radio has made the transition out of COVID, and what consumers are expecting from media in the future.  It also takes a deep dive into how changing social media platforms like TIKTOK and TWITTER are now being perceived by consumers.  There are other exciting new insights from this year’s new survey JACOBS MEDIA will exclusively present at news week’s ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023.JACOBS concluded, “This year’s TECHSURVEY also provides a trended look at radio’s transition to digital since the pandemic, as well as the action steps radio broadcasters can take to ensure their continued relevance in an increasingly crowded media environment.  Join me for the full presentation at the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT for the TECHSURVEY 2023 reveal on 1p (ET)/10a (PT). WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26.   Hope to see you there.”Check it out the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 AGENDA.

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