Spotify To Create ‘Supremium Tier’ With HiFi Audio

 Spotify To Create ‘Supremium Tier’ With HiFi Audio

Upping The Ante

After refusing to raise its standard $9.99 subscription fee, SPOTIFY is reportedly mulling a new, higher-priced subscription tier that includes HiFi audio quality and more access to audiobooks, according to BLOOMBERG, which says the new subscription plan is being referred to internally as the “Supremium” tier. The article adds that the new tier will roll out in non-U.S. markets first later this year.SPOTIFY previously announced it would launch “high-quality” music streaming at the start of 2021, citing it as “consistently one of the most requested new features by our users.”SPOTIFY first made the announcement at its STREAM ON event featuring BILLIE EILISH and brother FINNEAS. The feature hadn’t arrived to date.In OCTOBER 2022, there were reports the streaming monolith was readying a new $19.99-per-month ‘Platinum’ tier that would include HiFi audio. The effort is part of a plan “to drive more revenue and placate investors who’ve been saying the company should raise its prices,” according to BLOOMBERG.SPOTIFY rivals APPLE MUSIC and AMAZON MUSIC both recently raised their monthly sub rates from $9.99 to $10.99. Both added HiFi listening to their standard premium plans for free.The company has also readjusted its desktop screen to more closely resemble how it looks on mobile.

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