Spotify’s Megaphone Rolls Out Broadcast-To-Podcast Platform

 Spotify’s Megaphone Rolls Out Broadcast-To-Podcast Platform

Radio Shows To Podcasts

SPOTIFY’s MEGAPHONE is rolling out an automated platform to allow broadcasters to repurpose radio content as podcasts. SPOTIFY acquired WHOOSHKA in 2021 for the latter’s broadcast-to-podcast technology and is now offering the technology to all MEGAPHONE publishers globally.Global Head of Advertising Business Development & Partnerships EMMA VAUGHN said, “The way listeners engage with audio is constantly changing and we know that digital audio is increasingly becoming their preferred way to listen, especially Gen Z. With this new broadcast–to-podcast feature, we’re empowering radio publishers to reach existing audiences throughout their day, but to connect with new, younger audiences. What’s more, we’re excited to unlock a new revenue stream for broadcast publishers as we make it easy for them to monetize their podcast content themselves or as part of the SPOTIFY AUDIENCE NETWORK.”

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