Streaming And Download Platform Qobuz Launches In Canada

 Streaming And Download Platform Qobuz Launches In Canada

Now In Canada

QUBOZ continues its international expansion as it launches today (4/19), in CANADA. The music streaming and download platform’s launch in CANADA marks its 26th country. QUBUZ focuses its services on high-quality music streaming and downloads, targeting music aficionados and audiophiles.QUBUZ Deputy CEO GEORGES FORNAY said, “QUBUZ is the only platform in the world to offer unparalleled sound quality (high-resolution music streaming and downloads), coupled with an exclusive cultural magazine with thousands of articles dedicated to music. QUBUZ is aimed at a demanding and discerning audience looking for alternatives to the mainstream.”QUBOZ NORTH AMERICA & NORTHERN EUROPE Managing Dir. DAN MACKTA added, “The arrival of QOBUZ in CANADA has been eagerly awaited by audiophiles and dedicated music fans. It is very exciting for us to be able to offer our unique high quality service across the entirety of NORTH AMERICA.”Canadian singer-songwriter NEIL YOUNG said, “CANADA will have the great gift of quality listening when QOBUZ opens!”

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