The Bert Show ‘Clears The Wish List’ For Teachers For Back To School

 The Bert Show ‘Clears The Wish List’ For Teachers For Back To School

Clearing Teacher’s Wish Lists

WESTWOOD ONE’s nationally syndicated THE BERT SHOW is “clearing the wish list” for teachers who have to pay for their own supplies and decorations for back to school. The show is asking teachers to send voice mail messages detailing what they need for supplies and decorations via their “AMAZON Wish List.” The show selects the teachers, plays their voice mails on air and listeners clear the supply list for the teachers selected.LISA ANN WALTER, who plays the main teacher in ABC’s ABBOTT ELEMENTARY was in the studio this MORNING (7/14). She helped with the campaign by cutting a video asking teachers to send their lists. Click here to see the video.Show Host BERT WEISS commened, “It really sucks that teachers have to spend their own money on class decorations and some supplies. It’s not like they are making MUSK money. What I love about ‘Clear My Wish List’ is that my listeners are the ones that go on the teachers ‘AMAZON Wish List’ and clear all the items each day. All we’re doing is finding the teachers, letting them tell their story and BERT SHOW listeners voluntarily purchase the items for the teacher in need. We’ve never had a day that each item requested wasn’t paid for. It’s just an awesome example of community.”

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