‘The Bigger Picture: The King Of Reinvention’

 ‘The Bigger Picture: The King Of Reinvention’

Griffin (Photo: Robby Klein)

The culture of masculinty and lack of solid role models for young men in our country are top of mind right now. What better way to approach the challenge than with a successful role model in the music industry who’s constant reinvention and expansion of his brand continue to motivate and inspire people of all ages and genders. KEVIN GRIFFIN, front man for the Platinum selling band BETTER THAN EZRA, co-founder of FRANKLIN, TN’s PILGRIMAGE FEST, songwriter, producer, public speaker, father of three boys, and now author, has a new book out called THE GREATEST SONG: SPARK CREATIVITY, IGNITE YOUR CAREER, AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. It’s not a “self help” book. It’s a fictional story incorporating engaging characters who help tell the story of the reinvention of a songwriter who loses his publishing deal by incorporating GRIFFIN’s “real life” five step plan referred to as “The Method,” for writing “the greatest song.” “The Method” not only referes to songwriting, but can also be applied to the everyday challenges of life. In this week’s “The Bigger Picture,” MC MEDIA’s CHARESE FRUGE’ explores the constant reinvention of GRIFFIN’s life and career, and gives a preview of how THE GREATEST SONG is the first step in transforming your life into the one you’ve always dreamed of. Click here to read more.

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