The Country Music Industry Can Find Strength In One Another, Says …

 The Country Music Industry Can Find Strength In One Another, Says …


Many attendees of the annual COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR in NASHVILLE merge from the event with a “familial” feeling about their industry. In his latest column for ALL ACCESS, COUNTRY’S RADIO COACH owner JOHN SHOMBY urges the Country music industry to hang onto that feeling, and use it to help improve the format.“In our industry, we have our competitors, of course — radio, labels, etc,” SHOMBY notes. “At CRS 2023, there was the feeling of all of us coming together for one common objective — make Country radio and Country music better! The entire genre. “Let’s not lose that,” he continues. “There is more to do, and we ALL should be a part of it… The Country music/Country radio industry is clearly different than any other genre. CRS 2023 proved that. With… ongoing discussions, we can ALL make a difference. We can all make it better. Find strength in each other for the industry. Forget competition for a moment. Let’s continue the dialogue now. Remember — We are all in this together.”Read more in SHOMBY’s latest column, “We Are In This Together,” in ALL ACCESS’ CONSULTANT TIPS section here.

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