‘The Mark Kaye Show’ Makes ‘Job Offer’ To Tucker Carlson

 ‘The Mark Kaye Show’ Makes ‘Job Offer’ To Tucker Carlson


COX MEDIA GROUP News-Talk WOKV-F/JACKSONVILLE syndicated host MARK KAYE is making a tongue-in-cheek pitch to hire TUCKER CARLSON as “Supreme Leader” of “THE MARK KAYE SHOW.”KAYE announced the offer, which he said was “serious,” in a letter to the recently-fired former FOX NEWS CHANNEL host. In the letter, KAYE tells CARLSON, “I won’t waste your time. (Although, you do have a lot more of it now than you used to.) I want you to partner with us in what we feel is a necessary effort to boost our notoriety and ratings.”Here’s my offer: $16.90 per hour for the rest of your life! An equity stake in THE MARK KAYE SHOW. ‘Supreme Leader’ of THE MARK KAYE SHOW and a very comfy stool from which you can see the entire studio. Your own podcasts(s) as well as unlimited guests appearances on my INSTA stories and SNAPCHAT. A MARK KAYE SHOW Prize Pack including, an MKS T-shirt (any size you choose), buttons, stickers, and an official MKS draw-string bag. What more could you want?”We love this country (as you do) and we fight everyday to protect our great republic. We believe that a spot on THE MARK KAYE SHOW is the best step forward for you and for AMERICA. Also, I will PERSONALLY fly to NEW YORK CITY and ‘egg’ the FOX NEWS building as well as RUPERT MURDOCH’s CENTRAL PARK apartment.”We are 100% serious about our offer.”

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