Tom Petty To Receive Honorary Doctorate From The University Of Florida

 Tom Petty To Receive Honorary Doctorate From The University Of Florida

Petty (Picture: Courtesy of Shutterstock-Sterling Munksgard)

As of today (5/4) you will now be able to refer to TOM PETTY as “Doctor,” as the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA will bestow an honorary Doctor of Music degree on the GAINESVILLE, FL native. BRUCE PETTY, the brother of the-late TOM PETTY, will accept the posthumous doctorate on his behalf at the university’s spring commencement ceremony.BRUCE PETTY said, “I don’t think anyone in our family, including him, thought that he would be linked with the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA this way. It’s such a powerful thing, it was his life-long dream, and I know he would just be over-the-top, crazy happy about it.”The university and PETTY’s estate have partnered to launch THE TOM PETTY ENDOWMENT FOR GUITARS AND INNOVATION to support the next generation of artists in the University’s School of Music’s Guitar and new Music Business & Entrepreneurship programs. The PETTY estate donated $100,000 in his memory to begin its foundations.UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA School of Music Director KEVIN ORR said, “We in the UF School of Music and College of the Arts are privileged to honor TOM PETTY with an honorary doctorate degree in Music, celebrating not only his extraordinary achievements as an artist, but the ways in which his music has and continues to unite us as a community. TOM PETTY’s tireless defense of the rights of performing artists, and his compassionate advocacy for the wellbeing of his neighbors in every community where he lived, are embodied by the students and faculty of the UF School of Music: commitment to one’s artistic passions, even in the face of challenges; the safeguarding of creative work to ensure unique and lasting impact; and indeed, the power of music to advance causes for the greater good in society.”

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