Two Members Of Congress Press FEMA On Issue Of AM Radio in EVs

 Two Members Of Congress Press FEMA On Issue Of AM Radio in EVs

Asking FEMA What’s Up

Two more members of CONGRESS have weighed in on the AM radio-in-electric-vehicles debate, sending a letter to FEMA Administrator DEANNE CRISWELL expressing concern that AM is being eliminated in new vehicles and stressing the band’s role in emergency alerts.Reps. MIKE GALLAGHER (R-WI) and JOSH GOTTHEIMER (D-NJ), noting AM’s large geographical reach, asked three questions of CRISWELL, namely how the elimination of AM in cars threatens the effectiveness of the Emergency Alert System, how many National Public Warning System stations rely exclusively on broadcasting through AM radio, and whether FEMA has or intends to try to dissuade automakers from removing AM radio from their EV models.NABOB Weighs InIn addition, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK OWNED BROADCASTERS (NABOB) sent a letter to Rep. STEVEN HORSFORD (D-NV) also expressing concern that AM radio might be eliminated from new car models.In the letter, NABOB said that the removal of AM radio from EVs “represents a huge setback for AM radio stations serving the needs of the African American community, as AM radio is a crucial medium for delivering content that is culturally relevant and often missing from other formats. More broadly, the removal of AM radio from electric vehicles would be a step backward in broadcasters’ efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity in media. It would reinforce the dominance of mainstream media outlets and limit the diversity of voices and perspectives that are heard.”

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