Universal Music Group Asks U.S. Congress To Regulate AI

 Universal Music Group Asks U.S. Congress To Regulate AI

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UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP was on CAPITOL HILL last week requesting the U.S. CONGRESS to curtail new AI technology to prevent copyright infringement. UMG General Counsel/EVP JEFFREY HARLESTON appeared as a witness at a SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE meeting on JULY 12th called for a federal “right of publicity” — the intellectual property right that shields a person’s likenesses such as their voice and name. According to MUSIC BUSINESS WORLDWIDE, the company also requested all “AI-generated content” should be labeled as such.There have been several recent announcements regarding AI music, including PAUL McCARTNEY revealing it was being used to create a new BEATLES song.  There’s also the DRAKE and THE WEEKND track, “Heart On My Sleeve,” which was attracting attention until DSPs began taking it down, with a nudge from UMG. UMG is one of more than 40 organizations behind the HUMAN ARTISTRY CAMPAIGN with the RIAA, the NMPA and the RIAA, among others “to ensure artificial intelligence technologies are developed and used in ways that support human culture and artistry – and not ways that replace or erode it… emphasizing respect for artists, their work, and their personas; transparency; and adherence to existing law including copyright and intellectual property.”HARLESTON also made note of the positive sides of AI, but again warned against using someone’s likeness “without authorization, without consent simply is not a good thing.”

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