WBLI/Nassau-Suffolk MD Kiana Singh On Troubled Delta Flight

 WBLI/Nassau-Suffolk MD Kiana Singh On Troubled Delta Flight


You may have seen reports of DELTA AIRLINES Flight 520 SATURDAY (6/10) from NEW YORK to LOS ANGELES being forced to make an emergency landing in SALT LAKE CITY because of a technical issue. While at the gate in SALT LAKE CITY, one of the planes emergency exit slides deployed inside the plane’s cabin. The deployed slide struck and injured a DELTA crew member but no passengers were injured.COX MEDIA Top 40 WBLI/NASSAU-SUFFOLK, NY MD/afternoons KIANA SINGH was on the flight and told ALL ACCESS, “I didn’t know exactly what to think at first. Startled and the confusion of not knowing what was happening met with the disbelief and frustration that something else went had gone wrong preventing us from getting in the air!”SINGH continued, “The crew was able to get most to stay put after it happened, preventing crowds trying to deboard the plane, all at once. Once de-planed, crowds formed around the front desk at the gate to get information on the next step. There wasn’t much info for us. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what ended up happening for the rest of the passengers!”When asked if DELTA ponied up any discounts or extra miles, SINGH said, “$50 credit for the inconvenience. They also fully refunded the flight after talking on the phone to customer service.” CNN has more.

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