WYOY (Y101)/Jackson, MS ‘Barbie’ Movie Premiere

 WYOY (Y101)/Jackson, MS ‘Barbie’ Movie Premiere

C’mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

Radio stations have been having fun, tying in with the new BARBIE movie, which hit the big-screen last night.All day THURSDAY (7/20), NEW SOUTH Top 40 WYOY/JACKSON, MS became Y101 JACKSON’S #1 Barbie Music Station, giving out tickets for that night’s showing at B&B THEATRES in nearby RIDGELAND.  PD MATT MONY explained “We showed up with a lifesized BARBIE box, and gave listeners and theater staff a chance to take a pic inside, and gave away all sorts of other BARBIE-themed Y101 swag.”Listeners came committed as MONY adds, “Lots of people dressed up in BARBIE attire, which was amazing. Pink shoes as far as the eye could see.” MONY was prepared as well, arriving dressed head to toe in KEN active wear.  MONY concluded, “It was great to see so many families, especially moms and daughters, win tickets and come out for the premiere. I couldn’t ask for a better pairing than Barbie & Y101.”

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